SUP Rentals in Maine!

New for the 2013 season, we have decided to bring in two new companies to our rental fleet and drop Imagine Surf. This was a tough decision for us, as the Imagine Surf Surfers were indestructible, and made for a great rental board. Here is why we decided to make the change.

First we wanted to be able to offer you an Epoxy option, as that had been requested many times. The Imagine Surfs were made out of recycled plastic, but did not offer the experience of a true Epoxy board that SUP enthusiasts visiting the area are used to. The next tough decision in bringing an Epoxy board to the fleet, is what board can hold up to the use of these boards? That's were we turned to NSP, as they use a E2 Epoxy, which is very durable, along with an extra hand laid layer of fiberglass on the rails. We believe that this board will be able to up hold our standards and offer our customers a great day on the water! Click Here to rent a NSP!


One issue that we did not like about the Imagine Surf Surfers, were that they were pretty heavy. They weighed in around 44 lbs just for the board alone. Even though we did throw in a transport wheel, this did not help with lifting the boards onto your vehicle. The Greco Ark weighs in at only 23 lbs. We believe that this will make it more convenient for you to transport the boards back to the location that they wish to use it! Click Here to rent a Greco!



We hope to see you on the water! 

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