Learn How to Wakeboard and Waterski in Naples Maine!

 Captain Dingley's is a great place to learn how to wakeboard and waterski in Naples, Maine! With over 10 combined years of professional teaching, Alden and myself (Wayne) have perfected our teaching methods by continuously refining and adapting new techniques to insure that everyone has a successful experience. Our personal approach allows us to connect with each student, creating a positive and effective learning environment.

A lot of people feel like it is too late to learn a new sport. That is not the case with wakeboarding and waterskiing with us! We have pulled from the ages of 2 to 82. We have heard excuses from "It's been X amount of years", to "I've never been able to." With our proven tips,  we turn hesitance into confidence.  


We are proud to say that we are USA Water Ski Affiliated and Level 1 Certified. Captain Dingley's is equipped with a 2012 Tige RZR thanks to Long Lake Marina, accompanied with 2012 equipment to learn on!  Feel free to stop by the shop at 845 Roosevelt Trail Naples, Maine, to get to know the staff and see our set-up. Come learn something new with us today! 

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