Imagine Surf Coming to Captain Dingley's

Captain Dingley's is excited to bring you Imagine Surf SUPs!

The new Surfer is the ultimate board for anyone just getting into stand up paddling. Wide, stable and easy, it will get you out there and onto the waves “right now.” As good as it is at the beach, the Surfer is great to cruise pristine lakes, and explore backwater bays and inlets.

No need to worry about chips and pressure dings in your board! Imagine Surf Surfers are made out of 100% recyclable plastic! No worries on letting the kids and other family members try it out! 


"The Surfer is very stable and Easy for all. We have had over 35 people demo the wave and no one has fallen in the water, from a 6 year old to a 285 lb man. We have had multiple people and even a dog, and it always worked great. Steering is very easy by back paddling. Anyone can Stand Up Paddle Board on the Surfer. The surfer is great for everyone. We even pulled it behind a ski boat with the operator holding a ski rope and it handled great."

Learn Some Terms!

Deck: Located on the top side of the board, usually layered with some sort of grip (the part you stand on). Generally flat but can be domed (generally shaped into surf SUP's) allowing volume to be reduced in the rails for ease in rail to rail transitions while surfing.

Bottom: Flat bottoms are the normal, giving greater stability. A con-vexed hull will be faster and more manoeuvrable but less forgiving. Vee will often be shaped into the tail giving greater maneuverability.

Rails: Edges of the board. Higher volume rails will aid stability. The opposite for a thinner rail. This design feature allows for ease of turning which leads to higher performance in the surf.

Rocker: Curve from nose (front) to tail (back) in section along the boards length. This in turn can be broken down into nose rocker/lift and tail rocker/lift. Of more importance in surf conditions though a design factor in all boards.

Tail: The back end of the board. Many tails shapes are available. Mostly a preference thing but certain shapes do aid performance, especially speed, holding ability (while surfing steeper waves) and manoeuvrability.

Fins: Placed on the underside at the back of the board to stop the tail from drifting while surfing. Both in surf and flat water SUP's the fin will give the board directional stability.

Handle or Soap dish: SUP's are wide making them difficult  to carry. Shaping a groove into the deck for your hand allows for carrying under the arm.

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